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December 2, 2012
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CdR: Calcifer Astelle by Aetheory CdR: Calcifer Astelle by Aetheory

I hope I get in *^*....
Thanks for the invite =melloskitten and ~EtsuRyuu!

♠N a m e: Calicifer Astelle
♠A g e: (23)
♠B i r t h d a y: August 21
♠S p e c i e s: Dragon
♠F a c t i o n: White
♠J o b: Guard
♠P e r s o n a l i t y:
    Calcifer is a strict and somewhat short tempered person. Heíll make sure that tasks get done right. Calcifer doesnít speak much, but whatever he may say is usually straight forward. When heís bored, he enjoys soaring through the air where it feels free. Another side of Calcifer is heíll never feel satisfied with his own skills or feel good enough until you praise him, but even when you do, heíll still be hard on himself.

    Heís very aware of personal space. If people try to touch him, he may react and throw you onto the grown in a headlock...but thatís just because he was trained to do that. Being hunted down does not help with this bad habit. He regrets behaving in this manner, and apologizes, but he will still be very wary of you.

    He also tries to keep himself distant of others, thinking they just want to take advantageÖ but once you get him to open up to you, he is surprisingly friendly. Youíll get to see him smile at you more often, but donít expect him to start hugging you or holding hands. Heís quite sensitive about it due to someone he once knew. From time to time, Calcifer will still think of this person - the one who stole a part of his heart. Despite that, he moves on with the present, hoping heíll someday forgive and forget.
♠H i s t o r y:
    Calcifer Astelle was born and raised centuries ago in a city once known as Adysia. He was the son of the noble family of Astelle of who served the king and his righteousness - A knight. His parents, Razlude and Luschia, kept Calcifer under very strict rules and watch. They pushed him to his studies and to be the greatest at everything he does because he is their only son and heir. Despite his efforts, he was never given praise or appreciation. He just thought he was never good enough and continued to strive in order to be acknowledged.

    Even with such a strict living, he ventured and explored places he had never been to before. He had made many friends in his time of youth. They would drink and eat at the pub, or sing songs.

    Unfortunately, much time has passed and those that he once knew have disappeared due to time or because they were killed. Calcifer remains to be one of the few known of his kind to still exist. Many have searched for him, due to the special ability he has of tearing a part of his dragon heart, and sharing his immortality with someone. He did it once before to a significant other, only to be betrayed. He grew paranoid and distrusting.

    In this century, Calcifer wanders alone, trying to find a job which makes use of his skills. One evening, he heard the sounds of band music and animals. Curious, he made his way toward a circus and was fascinated to see different sorts of people and beings. He was fond of such liveliness and wanted to be a part of it to relive having something familiar to him.

    Today, Calicfer serves as the circusís guard.
♠L i k e s:
♠D i s l i k e s:
    -Sweet things
♠F a m i l y:
    Razlude (father - deceased)
    Luschia (mother - deceased)
♠R e l a t i o n s h i p s: tba
♠E x t r a:
    He has a bad habit of staring.
    Also has the bad habit of fiddling with his hair.
    Heís a bit self conscious about his horns.
    He has the ability to transform into a dragon.
    His sense of perfection edges toward OCD.
    He doesnít take failure that well.
    Some may call him a little sadistic.
    Usually hides his wings since they get in the way.
♠RP m e t h o d s: Skype, chat, notes, google docs (just ask me for email/screen name)

I HOPE WE CAN RP......... I try not to bite. >w>;
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